Five Truck Care Advice for All Owner Operators

The truck is a beneficial vehicle that you can use as transportation or essential equipment for the trucking business. Whether you want to use your truck as your ride or professional works, you need to maintain your truck well to keep its performance. Dispatch Services for Owners Operators also really need to maintain their trucks well to ensure that they are safe for drivers.

Transporting goods using trucks is important to keep and fulfil people’s needs. To ensure that the delivery process is well delivered, you have to maintain and take care of the truck’s performance. Once you get a problem with your vehicle, it will affect the whole delivering process.

Some Truck Care Advice for All Owners

Keeping up the truck maintenance service will increase the safety of your drivers and the delivery process. Running a trucking business is about delivering on time and being able to deliver the goods in good condition. Truck maintenance must be on your daily checklist before drivers start their engine to deliver goods and services.

Here is some advice to take care of trucks for all Dispatch Services for Owners Operators;

  1. Check and change the filter and engine oil routinely

Clean engine oil will protect and lubricate the truck’s engine so that you have to check and change the engine oil routinely. Engine oil can be easily contaminated by debris, dust, and dirt while the truck is in use. When the engine oil is contaminated, the engine could not work properly.

For trucks that are produced after 2008, it is recommended for you to change the engine oil every six months or 7.500 miles. Moreover, for 2007 trucks and older, it is recommended for you to change the engine oil every 5.000 miles. If you have heavy loads and drive slowly for long period, you should change the engine oil more often.

  1. Check and change other fluid levels

It is not only engine oil that you have to check and change regularly, but also other fluid levels such as brake fluid, windshield washer fluid, steering fluid, and engine coolant. Brake fluid and steering fluid are hydraulic fluids.

Brake fluid will not be able to work properly over time because it will absorb moisture. Besides, the steering fluid is responsible to move the various component in the steering system. Changing both fluids regularly will make the brake and steering wheel work properly.

Moreover, engine coolant is beneficial to keep the engine at the optimal temperature and avoid high temperatures that can lead the engine into an explosion. On another side, windshield washer fluid is responsible to avoid any damage that might happen because your windshield is dirty. Make sure to check and change those fluids on time to avoid any damage from your truck.

  1. Check the tires

One of the essential parts of the vehicle is the tires. There are lots of accidents that happened caused by flat tires or any problem happened with the tires. Checking the condition of the tires every time before the vehicle is used is a must-to-do list. Change the tires regularly and immediately if you find any damage to your tires.

It is not supposed to be the new ones, because the used tires are usually in a good condition. The important thing you have to maintain is the condition of the tires. Rotating the tires is also one of the important maintenances because it prolongs your tires.

  1. Keep the exterior clean

Cleaning the exterior part of your truck is more than keeping it shining. The main reason why you have to keep your truck exterior clean is to protect and avoid the truck paint from dust, dirt, or any other thing that will damage the paint.

This cleaning is especially important to do during the winter season because frozen dirt and sand can damage the paint more. Clean your truck completely, including the undercarriage part because it might cause a problem in the future if you do not clean it thoroughly.

  1. Annual maintenance

Your trucks can be used for a long time if you know how to maintain them properly. Besides regular maintenance, doing annual maintenance where you check the truck thoroughly is also important. The condition of your truck engine is decreased as you use your cars regularly. This Dispatcher Services for Owner Operators, should not be skipped for any reason.