Serious But Common Job Seeker Dilemmas in the Modern Era

Facing a choice is something that we have in common and that must be experienced by everyone. Job seekers often find themselves in dilemmas and situations in a variety of conditions. For a job seeker, here are some things that you should know first. Because several choices must be made when you want to enter the world of work.

Job Seeker Dilemmas in Modern World

Well, there are a few serious but common job seeker dilemmas that we will talk about today. If you are a job seeker, you must know about this kind of thing, because it will make it easier to find the job that fits your criteria. There will be some serious but common job seeker dilemmas that you must understand and it will help you in the future when you apply for a new job.

And here are some of the dilemmas that commonly happen with job seekers out there. Here are a few dilemmas that might you also experienced. Knowing this information will help you to avoid making any mistakes and it will help you get the job that you want.

  1. Apply to All Jobs VS Focus on Only one Field

For a job hunter, there is a dilemma that you must overcome, like sending CVs to many companies with various positions or only applying in certain fields and only a few companies that meet the criteria.

Usually, sending CVs to many places and various positions is often happens by the fresh graduates, in the hope that someone will be interested and will give them a response. Meanwhile, focusing on applying for only one field is more likely to be done by workers who already have previous experience.

  1. Too Much Talking During the Interviews VS More Likely to Listen

There are two things you can choose when you conduct an interview. First, talk a lot about your experience, and your abilities to the user or even prefer to listen and talk a lot when asked only or when needed.

It’s a good idea to try to be more inclined to listen and not talk much unless you are asked to. Because, by listening to a lot you will be considered to have more ethics, responsibility, and the ability to lead a team.

  1. Utilizing a Relationships VS Independent Learning

This is another choice that job seekers have to make. Take advantage of relationships or learn independently? Of course, this is a choice that has more to do with principles in life.

Some people prefer to study independently and find work without relying on relationships. Maybe you are one of those people who prefer interviews here and there without relying on connections.

Even so, it’s perfectly legal to take advantage of relationships in finding work. Because you will find it easier to get a job with the relationships you have in a company. But remember, show with ability that you are indeed worthy to be hired.

  1. Explain About Work Responsibilities VS Demonstrate a Variety of Skills

Other choices job seekers have to make are explaining job responsibilities or demonstrating and sharing skills. This is one of the choices that are often made when facing an interview session or job interview.

You can say according to the needs and what field of work you are applying for. For example, such as the graphic design profession and so on, of course, it is a fixed price to show various skills, right?

Those are four job seeker dilemmas that often happen during the interview session. If you want to get the job, you must understand everything very clearly and not make mistakes. Knowing about this could be possibly a perfect help for you to avoid anything that will lead you to lose the job.

If you want to know more about job seekers and their common dilemmas and mistakes, you might like to visit the in this website there will be lots of good information that might be helpful for you, especially if you are fresh graduates who still looking for a job. Hopefully, this article about serious but common job seeker dilemmas could be something that gives you information and will be helpful for you in the future.

Investing in a Global Economy with Korindo

Korindo Group is a company that is engaged in the environmental sector and is also a very friendly company that makes our neighborhood nicer and of course, will also provide us with something that can make a better living.

This company itself has been around for a long time and is focused on making our environment become a livable place. As you can see, this company always giving nature something good and also always trying to make the earth a better place for the future.

Invest in Korindo for a Better Living

Investing in a global economy is also their number one goal. If you are one of the people who might like to invest in sustainable living, you can be one of the partners that this company needs. Investing is one of the things that we probably hear quite a lot these days.

Even today, investing is something that become one of the activities that many people do. However, to make this investment you have to understand exactly where you are investing. Together with Korindo, you will make the best investment, and of course, this is one of the things that may have an impact on the global economy.

There are many types of investment that we know about. Of course, we as ordinary people, should not be careless in investing. Why? Because if we, do it carelessly, then it will give us a very big loss and that is something that we must avoid.

But, if you want to invest in this company, then it is a very right decision because this company is one the best company that is always growing and getting bigger every year. Investing in this company can do you something good and it’s a very good thing that you will ever have.

Why do you need to Invest in Korindo?

You must be thinking about the reasons why you should invest in this company, right? Well, we will give you some reasons that you need to understand if you want to invest in this company. Let’s see what kind of reasons make you should invest in this company.

  1. Actively improve the quality of life through a systematic and sustainable corporate social contribution program.
  2. Make a significant contribution to the country’s economic development.
  3. The company always carries out the development toward a “green tomorrow” by implementing sustainable practices in the business.
  4. Contribute to environmental conservation and also always carry out the reforestation and natural care on the regular basis.
  5. Korindo is also one of the biggest companies with a bright future ahead.
  6. One of the big companies that continue to develop and always has innovations to advance the company.

So, for those of you who might like to invest in this company, you don’t need to worry, because this company is one of the biggest companies in the world, that’s why they will know what they’re doing and it will give the best thing for you.

Korindo company always has a clear goal and is always active in environmental programs, making it one of the companies that have great potential to continue growing. Investment in this company can have a good impact even on the country’s economy and also globally.

Investing in a global economy with this company will be one of the best things that you can do and it will bring something great to your life as well. So, if you want to do some investment, you don’t need to think twice about investing in this company, because this is one of the best companies that you can find right now.

The 3 Biggest Challenges of the Indonesian Palm Oil Industry

Indonesia is one of the largest palm oil producers in the world. The global economic market and trade in palm oil from Indonesia have greatly increased.

Even in 2020, Indonesia managed to export 40 million tons of palm oil per year. This proves that Indonesia can produce palm oil in very large quantities to meet the needs of industry in the world.

Palm oil in Palembang is one of the largest palm oil-producing regions in Indonesia. It is from this area that Indonesia can export tens of tons of palm oil throughout the world.

As the largest palm oil-producing country in the world, Indonesia’s economy is growing rapidly. However, there are several challenges in the palm oil industry in Indonesia.

Challenges of the Palm Oil Industry in Indonesia

As the largest palm oil-producing country in the world, of course, many problems must be faced by Indonesia in the palm oil sector. Not only licensing issues but also health problems and gaps, especially for oil palm farmers.

So what are the challenges facing the palm oil industry in Indonesia? Here are the main problems to deal with:

  1. Sustainability

In the issue of sustainability, the palm oil industry highlights three main things, namely the planet, people, and profit. This issue is not only related to profit, but also the planet and people.

Sustainability of the environment will occur if humans are guaranteed. In this case, human welfare is the small farmers who process oil palm.

Indonesia’s environmental impact on increasing oil palm land is enormous. Deforestation is one of the main problems that have a bad impact on the environment.

Millions of hectares of rainforest are lost every year to new oil palm plantations. Including palm oil in Palembang which also removed some of the rainforests in it.

Environmental imbalances are also found in soil disturbances such as the loss of carbon from biomass. The use of chemicals also pollutes the environment and disrupts terrestrial ecosystems.

Given this, of course, humans are subject to ecosystem damage. Humans experience respiratory illness and even cause death from it.

Not only that, but forest fires in Indonesia also occur every year and this is associated with illegal oil palm plantations that burn forests to create new oil palm land.

Many large oil palm companies are using illegal means to expand oil palm plantations. This results in deforestation of rainforests and even land fires.

  1. Productivity Gap

Indonesia has the largest and higher productivity of producing palm oil than Malaysia. However, the problem is that there is a local conflict between the community and the palm oil company.

Palm oil in Palembang is also not far from a conflict involving illegal palm oil companies. This problem arises because of disputes and even illegal operations carried out by palm oil companies.

In addition, the company’s promise to provide compensation to residents has also never been kept. Many non-privileged communities also claim land ownership.

Many people also experience loss of livelihood due to various reasons and they demand palm oil companies employ them.

This proves that there is still a gap between communities and palm oil companies and this conflict continues to this day.

  1. Smallholder Management

Many oil palm farmers are not organized and not in groups. This causes the price of palm oil among smallholders to be very cheap.

If these farmers are in groups or organizations with oil palm companies, then they will get a higher price. This proves that there are still many small businesses in the surrounding community.

In addition, licensing related to the purchase of oil palm land owned by the community is also a problem. This causes oil palm farmers to prefer to sell to fellow farmers because they are not bound by a license.

Although many consider the challenges of the palm oil industry in Indonesia to be quite large, with the RSPO, Indonesia can overcome these challenges.

Palm oil in Palembang is an example of a region that has managed to overcome the tough challenges in the palm oil industry. Considering that this area also produces the largest palm oil in Indonesia for export to the global market. So that Indonesia can produce palm oil without any problems.

5 Strategies for Making the Best Parenting Plan for Children

Being in a divorce situation makes children feel uncomfortable. But as a parent, you must have a parenting plan so that the future of your child remains bright.

Since the beginning of the divorce, you must have a parenting plan. The goal is none other than the pattern of parenting after the divorce occurs.

Of course, parents will have their own lives. In this article we will discuss how the best strategy for a parenting plan can be realized.

Starting from the schedule of visits, children’s schools, and so on. You will continue to give full love to the child.

Parenting Plan Solid

Making a parenting plan means we think about how to take care of our children after divorce. There are many considerations in making a parenting plan.

The main consideration is the love and needs of children are met. Starting from attention, school, activities, and others.

Here are the parenting strategies you need to know:

  1. Schedule a Visit

Between father and mother must make a schedule of visits. This greatly determines the mental health of children.

Schedule visits require routine and stability. They understand that their parents have separated. But they still need the role of father and mother.

Make a schedule of visits including parenting patterns that will be applied after the divorce. Remember that the main thing is that the child’s needs are met.

  1. Respect Children’s Decisions

If your child has decided to live with his father or mother, you must respect him. Children have the freedom to choose.

Divorce is not the child’s fault. But parents are obliged to meet the needs of the child even though the child has other decisions.

  1. Understand the Rights and Responsibilities of Parents

After the divorce maybe the child will feel such a big difference. As a parent, you must understand the rights and obligations that must be fulfilled.

It’s not only about visiting times, but you have to understand the needs of other children. Fulfill your rights and obligations as a father and mother.

This article provides tips so that you can fulfill your rights and obligations as a parent. Take your child out once in a while and shop for their necessities.

  1. Don’t Worry Too Much

Maybe you hate your ex and are worried about your parenting style. From now on, never worry too much.

If you’re worried about parenting, you can talk about it nicely and what’s not right about parenting. For example, your ex is a drug addict.

Then you can consider taking custody and start implementing the right parenting style.

  1. Ask What Your Child Wants

When parents’ divorce, children will have their desires. Does the child want to go with the father or the mother? Let them choose. has many articles on parenting, especially for those of you who have just gone through a divorce.

Divorce is not the end of everything, because you have children whose future is still far away. Prioritize the needs and mental health of children so that they can grow well.

Creative Outdoor Garden Ideas You Must Try

If you have some free space around the house, it is better to transform it into an outdoor garden. An outdoor garden does not only useful to maximize the free space but also will make the house more beautiful and colorful with the garden furniture and also plants and flowers that we put in it.

Before making an outdoor garden, there are several things that you have to consider such as the theme of the garden, the materials, the furniture, and also the function of the garden itself. Moreover, we also need to find some creative ideas that may be good for our reference in making an outdoor garden.

Indoor Garden VS Outdoor Garden

Indoor and outdoor gardens are two options of garden ideas that you can apply in the house. Both of them has plus and minus as follow:

  • The location and size

Indoor Garden is placed inside the house and usually made on the corner of the house. The size is usually not too big since it is located inside the house. For the outdoor one, it can be placed around the house by maximizing the free space.

  • The furniture

The indoor garden needs less garden furniture since it is placed inside the house. Mostly, the indoor garden will use the concept of the vertical garden where we grow and put the plants vertically on the wall as the strategic way for putting many kinds of plants.

  • The treatment

Refer to the location, size, and furniture; an indoor garden is less treatment than an outdoor garden. However, since it is quite small, we cannot do and put many things inside the indoor garden.

Creative ideas of outdoor garden

  • Make a new design based on the theme of the house.\

Before starting to design an outdoor garden, we also need to follow the main theme of the house. The best design for an outdoor garden is the tropical theme. We can put many kinds of plants or flowers, and even vegetables on our outdoor garden to emphasize the tropical theme of the house.

  • Decorate with the stones

Small stones are good to decorate your outdoor garden. You can design it as a small pave for your footpath, or, you can decorate it around the plants. Choose the white stones in which the color is quite in contrast with the other main color.

  • Build a small fish pond

The fish pond will never be wrong with the outdoor garden. You can put some small and colorful fish such as golden fish that can be eye-catching. If possible, you can make your design for the fish pond that can be adjusted with the size of the garden.

  • Put more furniture

Garden furniture is things we should not forget when we decide to apply outdoor garden. Some furniture such as garden chairs and tables, lamps, DIY accessories are good to make the garden more beautiful and aesthetic. You can try some DIY accessories from the waste material such as plastics, bottles, and boxes.

4 Ways to Increase Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is very important in the running of a company. Employee engagement describes the conditions, attitudes and behavior of company employees in completing various jobs within the company. One of the ways you can find out empolyee engagement is through a weekly employee timesheet template, because it contains details of the activities of employees while working for the company.

How to Increase Employee Engagement

The following are several ways you can increase employee engagement :

  1. Establish A Good Relationship At Work

You can start building good relationships with company employees by forming a team or special group to work on a project. That way company employees will communicate with each other and work together to complete projects from the company. You have to create conditions where every employee of the company can communicate and cooperate more well.

  1. Give Employees Opportunities To Experiment

You can give company employees the opportunity to come up with new ideas for the company, because this will increase employee engagement. Indeed, this is quite risky, therefore you also have to prepare a backup plan if your employee’s ideas fail to be implemented properly. It is quite difficult to do this because most large companies must have very strict regulations.

  1. Respect For Every Employee Of The Company

One of the important keys in increasing employee engagement is respecting every employee of the company. You can uphold work ethics in treating company employees. That way company employees will feel treated properly. This is what will make company employees feel respected while working at the company. Try to be more relaxed at work and as much as possible do not give work outside company working hours.

  1. Pay Attention To The Happiness Level Of Employees

If the level of happiness of employees is always maintained for a long time, employee engagement will increase. As we know that in carrying out work, employees will certainly experience stress. You can find out how much work the employee has through the weekly employee timesheet template. The heavier the work imposed on the employee, the greater the stress experienced by the employee.

Those are some steps that can be taken to increase employee engagement. Next, let’s understand some ways to increase employee productivity.

How to Increase Employee Productivity

There are several ways to increase the productivity of employees :

  1. Give Rewards

You can give special bonuses for employees who excel or complete work within certain criteria. That way later the employees will be more enthusiastic about completing work.

  1. Create A Pleasant Work Environment

A pleasant work environment will make employees avoid excessive stress during work. In addition, a pleasant work environment will make employees always happy while working in the office.


  1. Create An Event To Bring Employees Closer

With good relationships between employees, of course the productivity of the company employees will also increase.

Those are some ways you can increase the productivity of your employees. You can apply this by paying attention to the weekly employee timesheet template as a basis for consideration.

Check These Benefits of Owning A Green Home!

There are two option of owning a house, you can actually find mobile homes for rent near me under 500$ which has been decorated well. The second is you find the old broken house for much cheaper price then you decorate it as you like. It’s all up to you, the important thing is that you need to make your house feels comfy for yourself and your family.

Owning a good home is quite a satisfactory in life. Moreover, if your home is filled with comfort and warmth of love, you’re like living in heaven! Otherwise, if you have such a terrible home for living, or might be you just moved to a new undecorated home, you might need big decoration ideas for your home. One of many ideas to decorate your house is by giving it the green natural ambiance. This ambiance will make your house look fresh, feels cool but warm at the same time.

Benefits of Having a Green House

With the ambiance of nature, the green look, and the cool tones, your house will be great. This ambiance on a house is called a green home. The green home decoration idea also has some benefits. Some advantages that you might feel when you have this kind of house is as explained below:

  1. The nature ambiance is strong on your house, it will make you feel healthier. With the combination of green look and nature color, you and your family will be fresh every day and the most important thing is it is comfortable for a living.
  2. Green house will always need a nature touch in it. With the additional decoration of various plants and flowers, your house will be more fresh. Just make sure to add the good plant and flower. You can place types of plant that can freshener the air to make the house atmoshphere feels nice.
  3. When you see good color such as green, with the combination of green furniture, and also plant and flowers, it will please your eyes so much. When you feel happy seeing it, then your body will be more fresh and will lead to a more healthy body.
  4. The last benefit is not only beneficial for you and your family. This last benefit will be beneficial for the entire world. Owning a green home will surely make the air around the house cleaner. This is good for the earth because the more plant placed on earth, the more the earth to be healthier.

Well, those are some benefits of owning a green house. If you are living in your home right now, and you want to feel the ambiance of a green house, you don’t have to buy the new one. You just need to search for the mobile homes for rent near me under $500. You can rent the house and feel the staycation with your family without any disruption. There are many types of mobile home that you can choose for yourself and your family. So, are you interested in owning a green house?

8 Ideas to Inspire Your New Haircut

Do you want to look better? of course, having good looks, are the only thing that people want. One of the thing that will be great for you, who seek for new different looks for your body, you can start with having a new different haircut. Yes, this is considered as the best and simplest way that you can choose, to find the new looks on your face, without having to worry about anything else. So, for you who looking for the fastest way to change the looks on yourself, you can try a new different haircut. simple, easy yet very helpful.

8 Simple Ideas For Your New Hair

We know what you want, and we will help you get that. in this article, we have 6 ideas to inspire you to get new hairstyle or haircut. this could be very fun to read, and we will teach you about what kind of thing that you need to have a reference for the best haircut for yourself. Well, we have all the things that you need, let’s talk about it because it will be good for you to know more about it. for you who looking for the answer, we have all the answer you wanna know.

8 Perfect Ideas For Your New Haircut

Having a new haircut is the best way for you to gain a new style, and it could impact your appearance as well. That’s why, you need to know how to choose the good style of haircut, that could be suitable for your face and shape. Today, we will give you 8 ideas to inspire you about the haircut you want. So, read and feel free to apply the ideas to your hair after you decide which kind of ideas that perfectly fit on you. well, let’s talk about them. Well, we will give you 6 ideas that will give you some inspiration, and will help you to find the perfect one that fits on your head.

  1. looking at the season of hairstyle that people like nowadays.
  2. find the perfect shape that might fit your head and face shape.
  3. short Korean male type will be good for you who wants to look neat and simple.
  4. pomade hairstyle, for you who want to, looks sleek and elegant.
  5. Messy hair with Japanese style will be good for you who like to look way more badass and strong.
  6. long and curly hair, for a male who wants to, looks different and elegant.
  7. wavy hair for you who like to looks sporty and elegant as well.
  8. short hair with a spike will make you look great and stylish.

Those are the 8 Ideas of haircut that you can follow. For you who looking for some simple ways that maybe can give you a new look, those things above could be considered the best help that you can get. That’s why, we always give the best for you, and it will always be a good lesson that you can have so far. That’s for today, hopefully, you learn new things that useful for you in the future.