Seasonal Ice Zone Observing Network (SIZONET)

In a rapidly changing Arctic, the shrinking and thinning sea-ice cover plays an important role as indicator and agent of environmental change. A dramatic shrinking of the perennial ice cover has greatly increased the extent and hence importance of the Arctic seasonal ice zone (SIZ). The SIZ is predicted to occupy much of the Arctic by mid- to late century, but data are sorely lacking to aid in tracking, understanding and predicting change over this important component of the Arctic cryosphere.

This interdisciplinary project implements an integrated program of observing seasonal ice in the context of sweeping environmental, (geo)political and socio-economic change in the North. In addition to sampling of sea-ice state variables, the observation-system design is guided by the concept of sea-ice system services (SISS). By assessing the nature and extent of SISS, an integrated observation network can be built that will lead to prediction of key trends in a changing Arctic in a way that provides maximum benefit for the broadest range of affected interests.
Wednesday, May 07, 2008
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