The Importance of Using the Right Oil for your Car

Some people think that engine oil is like blood in the human body. If the blood flow is smooth then the heart will work well. Although it sounds a little bit weird, it shows the importance of the function of an oil or lubricant for the best small diesel engine. As a result, choosing the correct and appropriate lubricant is the answer.

How to Choose the Right Oil for your Car

But why there are still so many people choosing their oil carelessly? Because of their ignorance. The best small diesel engine oil comes in a variety of choices and types. Not to mention the price, ranging from cheap to expensive. As a car owner, you should not choose the wrong oil for the engine of your car, because it can endanger the performance and health of the car itself.

The main function of engine oil is to lubricate, protect, clean, and also cooling the engine. The other functions are to increase the performance, close the gap between the piston and the cylinder, reduce the vibration and sound, as anti-rust, reduce the friction between components, and affect the service life of the car. With this variety of functions, you must careful when you choose the engine oil. You must choose the right one according to your engine needs.

With the importance of the function of the oil, of course, it must be selected according to its designation. Several things need to be considered in choosing the best small diesel engine oil that suits the needs of the car engine that you have.

  • You Must Pay Attention to the Car Specifications

To find out the best oil for your vehicle, you must first look in the manual regarding the recommendations for the engine oil. If you don’t have a manual guidebook, then you can consult it with the official workshops. You must remember, that it’s very important for you to choose the right choice of engine oil because the right choice will bring the good thing for you. You also can find the perfect engine oil by using the recommendation from the manufacturer.

  • You Must Pay Attention to the Selected Lubricant Certification

Every brand that offers engine oil products must be licensed or certified to the highest standards. This is very crucial because if you use the engine oil without any license it could damage the car engine and it will make your car break down. The best certification for engine oil comes from the API, ACEA, ILSAC, SAE and also JASO. You can choose one of the engine oils which has that certification license.

  • Pay Attention to the Level of Viscosity of the Lubricant

You also must pay attention to this kind of thing, if you want to get the best oil for your car. The viscosity of the engine oil can help you to indicate how easily the oil flows to coat the engine components. The level of viscosity for the engine oil is also divided into thin, medium, and thick. Low or even runny oil viscosity makes it easier for oil to flow to lubricate so it can protect the engine components at low temperatures. While high viscosity oil will usually be better at maintaining the high-performance engine.

Those three simple tips for you to choose the right and best small diesel engine oil. Oil is very important for your car engine, because without it, your car will be damaged, and of course, it will make the car cannot at its best. That’s why you must choose the right choice of oil for your car.

Serious But Common Job Seeker Dilemmas in the Modern Era

Facing a choice is something that we have in common and that must be experienced by everyone. Job seekers often find themselves in dilemmas and situations in a variety of conditions. For a job seeker, here are some things that you should know first. Because several choices must be made when you want to enter the world of work.

Job Seeker Dilemmas in Modern World

Well, there are a few serious but common job seeker dilemmas that we will talk about today. If you are a job seeker, you must know about this kind of thing, because it will make it easier to find the job that fits your criteria. There will be some serious but common job seeker dilemmas that you must understand and it will help you in the future when you apply for a new job.

And here are some of the dilemmas that commonly happen with job seekers out there. Here are a few dilemmas that might you also experienced. Knowing this information will help you to avoid making any mistakes and it will help you get the job that you want.

  1. Apply to All Jobs VS Focus on Only one Field

For a job hunter, there is a dilemma that you must overcome, like sending CVs to many companies with various positions or only applying in certain fields and only a few companies that meet the criteria.

Usually, sending CVs to many places and various positions is often happens by the fresh graduates, in the hope that someone will be interested and will give them a response. Meanwhile, focusing on applying for only one field is more likely to be done by workers who already have previous experience.

  1. Too Much Talking During the Interviews VS More Likely to Listen

There are two things you can choose when you conduct an interview. First, talk a lot about your experience, and your abilities to the user or even prefer to listen and talk a lot when asked only or when needed.

It’s a good idea to try to be more inclined to listen and not talk much unless you are asked to. Because, by listening to a lot you will be considered to have more ethics, responsibility, and the ability to lead a team.

  1. Utilizing a Relationships VS Independent Learning

This is another choice that job seekers have to make. Take advantage of relationships or learn independently? Of course, this is a choice that has more to do with principles in life.

Some people prefer to study independently and find work without relying on relationships. Maybe you are one of those people who prefer interviews here and there without relying on connections.

Even so, it’s perfectly legal to take advantage of relationships in finding work. Because you will find it easier to get a job with the relationships you have in a company. But remember, show with ability that you are indeed worthy to be hired.

  1. Explain About Work Responsibilities VS Demonstrate a Variety of Skills

Other choices job seekers have to make are explaining job responsibilities or demonstrating and sharing skills. This is one of the choices that are often made when facing an interview session or job interview.

You can say according to the needs and what field of work you are applying for. For example, such as the graphic design profession and so on, of course, it is a fixed price to show various skills, right?

Those are four job seeker dilemmas that often happen during the interview session. If you want to get the job, you must understand everything very clearly and not make mistakes. Knowing about this could be possibly a perfect help for you to avoid anything that will lead you to lose the job.

If you want to know more about job seekers and their common dilemmas and mistakes, you might like to visit the in this website there will be lots of good information that might be helpful for you, especially if you are fresh graduates who still looking for a job. Hopefully, this article about serious but common job seeker dilemmas could be something that gives you information and will be helpful for you in the future.

7 Basics of Car Engine Parts

When you buy a car, of course, you have to know what the components of your car are. By knowing the components of the car, then when there is damage you can repair it properly.

Cars have different types of engines. Each of these machines will work optimally, assisted by other components. You can use the best Ford engine to get maximum car engine performance.

Most car engines use a mixture of gasoline and air to drive the pistons. Turning the crankshaft, it will make this car spin.

Before you decide to buy a new car, it’s a good idea to know the basic components of a car engine. This aims to avoid future problems with your car engine.

Basic Car Engine Components

Here are some car engine components that you need to know:

  1. Cylinder Head

One of the most important components in a car engine is the cylinder head. The cylinder head is mounted on the cylinder block.

This component has a very important role in the combustion chamber. Because the cylinder head functions to convert heat into energy.

The cylinder head is also made of aluminum which is lightweight and has a fairly good cooling efficiency. To solve problems with the cylinder head, you can use the best Ford engine and carry out proper maintenance so that it can provide optimal performance for your car engine.

  1. Cylinder Block

Another important component of a car engine is the cylinder block. This component is the basis of the car engine. The cylinder block serves to accommodate the crankshaft.

Because in the cylinder block there are several engine cylinders which are all connected to the piston and crankshaft. So, when the piston moves down and up, this movement will change the crankshaft movement which will run the engine’s performance.

  1. Pistons

Another component in the best Ford engine is the piston or the heart of the engine. Pistons have a very important role in car engines. Because the piston plays a role in the combustion process to produce power.

The piston moves up and down to produce energy that is channeled throughout the engine, such as the crankshaft, wheels, and so on. The piston head itself has several shapes, depending on the car engine you are using.

  1. Piston Rod

As we know that the piston is an important component that will generate energy and channel it to various other components. Pistons require rods to connect the crankshaft and pistons.

This piston rod will receive the power that the piston has released. From the piston rod, this power will be converted into energy.

  1. Piston Rings

Another important car engine component is the piston ring. The piston ring acts to close the piston using the cylinder block so that leakage does not occur during the compression process. Because the leak cannot be prevented, it can result in damage to the car engine.

  1. Crankshaft

The crankshaft functions to convert the energy of motion into rotational energy which will drive the wheels. The crankshaft plays a role so that the pistons can move and work properly. This component cannot be separated from the car engine because the key to moving the wheels is on the crankshaft.

  1. Crankcase

The oil pan or crankcase is a place for engine oil that can be used as a lubricant for all engine components. This tool is under the cylinder block which is equipped with a drain or oil plug.

Those are some important components in the best Ford engine that you need to know. Each of the above components plays an important role in making the car engine work optimally.

Mobile Legends Best MOBA Game for Android

Game is something that is said to relieve fatigue and stress. Indeed, playing a game is very exciting. Playing games, of course, is not only about puzzles and also racing. MOBA is one of the games of choice that is very exciting. Mobile Legends is the best MOBA and Arena Battle game for Android. So, if you use a device like Android, you can try to play games in this MOBA genre.

Tips to Be the Best MOBA Player

Mobile Legends is said to be one of the best games, it’s not wrong. Why? Because indeed Mobile Legends itself is a game that always provides innovations and there are always new characters who of course have different ultimate skills. As one of the games that are currently often played and even one of the games that are often used as a match, this game requires not only good playing skills, but this game requires good teamwork.

MOBA, Teamwork Needed

Why? Because this game is a 5 vs 5 MOBA game you have to play with a team. For this reason, this game not only puts forward the game, but you also have to be able to play as a team, so that you can win easily you can play well. Of course, if you want to be the best MOBA player, you must have the ability to support it, right?

This time we have some tips to play this MOBA game much better. The tips that we will provide can increase your ability to play the game much better. As one of the best MOBA and Arena Battle games for Android, what this game has to offer is not only about the game, but there are many heroes to choose from and the most important thing is that there are many features that you can use in the game to facilitate communication between players.

Of course, there are some tips so that you can become one of the best Mobile Legends game players. For those of you who are curious, we have some great tips that can help improve yourself as a player. What tips do you need? Read to the end and you will know what it takes to become the best 5 vs 5 MOBA player.

You can see some of the tips that we have provided below, so you know about some of the best tips that can help to make you a better, better player and of course, this is very good for allowing you to develop in the world of MOBA 5 vs 5.

1. Play with a Cool Head

One of the factors that can make you win when you are playing MOBA is that you always think quickly and don’t use emotions. Playing with emotions will make you fail to see gaps and opportunities to win.

2. Use Strategy in Play

Those of you who play games like MOBA 5 vs 5 is indeed required to be smart players and also have a good strategy because by using a good strategy, victory can be certain for you.

3. Using the Hero You Master

To win and be able to play well, you also have to use a hero that you are good at, because only then can you play well and that is part of the process to help you become a better player.

4. Good at Seeing Opportunities and Circumstances

In games that use this kind of strategy, of course, you have to be observant in playing the game. Good observation will make you good at spotting an opportunity, even when the opportunity is small. By being good at seeing and reading your situation, you can become a winner and that will help your development in becoming the best player.

5. Watch Your Opponent Carefully

One of the important points to be the best player is, by you pay attention to your opponent. The better your opponent’s play, the easier it will be for you to become a good player, because you can imitate what your opponents do.

6. Become a Team Player

The last thing that can make you the best player is that you become a player who can be relied on and also able to follow the directions of the team leader you have. Being a team player will be very useful and help you to be much better.

Those are some of our tips that you can most likely apply in your Mobile Legends game and we hope these can be useful tips for those of you who want to be the best.

Investing in a Global Economy with Korindo

Korindo Group is a company that is engaged in the environmental sector and is also a very friendly company that makes our neighborhood nicer and of course, will also provide us with something that can make a better living.

This company itself has been around for a long time and is focused on making our environment become a livable place. As you can see, this company always giving nature something good and also always trying to make the earth a better place for the future.

Invest in Korindo for a Better Living

Investing in a global economy is also their number one goal. If you are one of the people who might like to invest in sustainable living, you can be one of the partners that this company needs. Investing is one of the things that we probably hear quite a lot these days.

Even today, investing is something that become one of the activities that many people do. However, to make this investment you have to understand exactly where you are investing. Together with Korindo, you will make the best investment, and of course, this is one of the things that may have an impact on the global economy.

There are many types of investment that we know about. Of course, we as ordinary people, should not be careless in investing. Why? Because if we, do it carelessly, then it will give us a very big loss and that is something that we must avoid.

But, if you want to invest in this company, then it is a very right decision because this company is one the best company that is always growing and getting bigger every year. Investing in this company can do you something good and it’s a very good thing that you will ever have.

Why do you need to Invest in Korindo?

You must be thinking about the reasons why you should invest in this company, right? Well, we will give you some reasons that you need to understand if you want to invest in this company. Let’s see what kind of reasons make you should invest in this company.

  1. Actively improve the quality of life through a systematic and sustainable corporate social contribution program.
  2. Make a significant contribution to the country’s economic development.
  3. The company always carries out the development toward a “green tomorrow” by implementing sustainable practices in the business.
  4. Contribute to environmental conservation and also always carry out the reforestation and natural care on the regular basis.
  5. Korindo is also one of the biggest companies with a bright future ahead.
  6. One of the big companies that continue to develop and always has innovations to advance the company.

So, for those of you who might like to invest in this company, you don’t need to worry, because this company is one of the biggest companies in the world, that’s why they will know what they’re doing and it will give the best thing for you.

Korindo company always has a clear goal and is always active in environmental programs, making it one of the companies that have great potential to continue growing. Investment in this company can have a good impact even on the country’s economy and also globally.

Investing in a global economy with this company will be one of the best things that you can do and it will bring something great to your life as well. So, if you want to do some investment, you don’t need to think twice about investing in this company, because this is one of the best companies that you can find right now.

Apple Product Strategy and User Guide Download

For Apple iPhone users, of course, you love to get to know your iPhone better. If you are an iPhone enthusiast, you might love this information regarding Apple’s product strategy. Apple’s product strategy is product sales and development approaches, as well as how apple releases its products, and sales strategy. You might think about what I would do with this information?

If you want to know better about your iPhone, and how you operate your phone, click on the link below to get to know more about the iPhone user guide and manuals. This user guide can be used for many types of iPhones, and it is used to get to know more about all your iPhone features, how to operate it, and how you should troubleshoot if you get a problem with your iPhone.

For many years, Apple has implemented different strategies and approaches, as well as product strategies. From the different campaigns of brand-new apple products, the removal of user guide manuals paper in 2019, and many more strategies and approaches. This time, we will discuss Apple’s product strategy and approach.

How Apple iPhone Product Strategy Has Been Done?

Apple. inc has been following the same or at least similar product strategy for years, since the release of their older version of the iPhone. This strategy from Apple. inc is a pull system approach. It is considered an aggressive product strategy that focuses on inventing new technologies and making sure that each invention is getting up to date, more relevant, and personal in each brand-new release.

This pull system strategy creates a system of hierarchy or the different focuses and cares for each product. One way to simplify this strategy is by putting every major Apple. inc products from each different category into a string of attached rope. The order of each product is determined by new workflows, how relevant the products are to the current market, and the processes of each product.

The product order from the most relevant, and products that receive the most care from the company to the least received attention are similar to this: Apple watch > iPhone > iPad > Macbook > Apple desktop.

From this rope order, we can conclude that the apple watch received much attention from management, and focused to be their main streamlining of products, while the Apple desktop isn’t received much attention, and is even considered a deadweight product.

The strategies for Apple haven’t been changed in a while, however, recent changes and addition has shown several prominent changes. Apple watch has gradually gained more independence from iOS, while iPadOS promised several features and promise from the Apple market.

Download Apple User Guide

For some years since 2019, Apple has removed its product iPhone user guide and manuals, and instead of changing it into a digital copy of the user manual guide that you can download, and read it online through the Safari browser, or download it from Apple support website. This policy change is due to reducing paper usage for user guides and manuals, and it has been implemented by other smartphone competitors too.

Products iPhone user guides and manuals contain instructions about how to operate an iPhone. Some might wonder why we need a user guide and manuals at all. Everybody knows how to operate a phone, or at least knows how to properly do it. Well, product manuals and guides also contain several key instructions, such as phone specifications, troubleshooting manuals, and hotkeys that can be pressed for many users of the iPhone.

With each year’s release of the iPhone, the specifications of the newer iPhone have always been upgrades for its predecessor, and have always been interesting to catch on to, especially if you are an iPhone lover. If you bought a brand-new iPhone from the store, and want to know more about its specs, and how to operate it, it is recommended to get your product manuals and guide.

To download your product manuals, you can go visit the Apple support website that lets you download manuals PDF Guide for free. You can keep your iPhone user guide on your phone in case you want to know about iPhone specs or troubleshooting. You can also read it online by using the Safari web browser to save some space on your iPhone. It is recommended to safe user guide on your phone.

The 3 Biggest Challenges of the Indonesian Palm Oil Industry

Indonesia is one of the largest palm oil producers in the world. The global economic market and trade in palm oil from Indonesia have greatly increased.

Even in 2020, Indonesia managed to export 40 million tons of palm oil per year. This proves that Indonesia can produce palm oil in very large quantities to meet the needs of industry in the world.

Palm oil in Palembang is one of the largest palm oil-producing regions in Indonesia. It is from this area that Indonesia can export tens of tons of palm oil throughout the world.

As the largest palm oil-producing country in the world, Indonesia’s economy is growing rapidly. However, there are several challenges in the palm oil industry in Indonesia.

Challenges of the Palm Oil Industry in Indonesia

As the largest palm oil-producing country in the world, of course, many problems must be faced by Indonesia in the palm oil sector. Not only licensing issues but also health problems and gaps, especially for oil palm farmers.

So what are the challenges facing the palm oil industry in Indonesia? Here are the main problems to deal with:

  1. Sustainability

In the issue of sustainability, the palm oil industry highlights three main things, namely the planet, people, and profit. This issue is not only related to profit, but also the planet and people.

Sustainability of the environment will occur if humans are guaranteed. In this case, human welfare is the small farmers who process oil palm.

Indonesia’s environmental impact on increasing oil palm land is enormous. Deforestation is one of the main problems that have a bad impact on the environment.

Millions of hectares of rainforest are lost every year to new oil palm plantations. Including palm oil in Palembang which also removed some of the rainforests in it.

Environmental imbalances are also found in soil disturbances such as the loss of carbon from biomass. The use of chemicals also pollutes the environment and disrupts terrestrial ecosystems.

Given this, of course, humans are subject to ecosystem damage. Humans experience respiratory illness and even cause death from it.

Not only that, but forest fires in Indonesia also occur every year and this is associated with illegal oil palm plantations that burn forests to create new oil palm land.

Many large oil palm companies are using illegal means to expand oil palm plantations. This results in deforestation of rainforests and even land fires.

  1. Productivity Gap

Indonesia has the largest and higher productivity of producing palm oil than Malaysia. However, the problem is that there is a local conflict between the community and the palm oil company.

Palm oil in Palembang is also not far from a conflict involving illegal palm oil companies. This problem arises because of disputes and even illegal operations carried out by palm oil companies.

In addition, the company’s promise to provide compensation to residents has also never been kept. Many non-privileged communities also claim land ownership.

Many people also experience loss of livelihood due to various reasons and they demand palm oil companies employ them.

This proves that there is still a gap between communities and palm oil companies and this conflict continues to this day.

  1. Smallholder Management

Many oil palm farmers are not organized and not in groups. This causes the price of palm oil among smallholders to be very cheap.

If these farmers are in groups or organizations with oil palm companies, then they will get a higher price. This proves that there are still many small businesses in the surrounding community.

In addition, licensing related to the purchase of oil palm land owned by the community is also a problem. This causes oil palm farmers to prefer to sell to fellow farmers because they are not bound by a license.

Although many consider the challenges of the palm oil industry in Indonesia to be quite large, with the RSPO, Indonesia can overcome these challenges.

Palm oil in Palembang is an example of a region that has managed to overcome the tough challenges in the palm oil industry. Considering that this area also produces the largest palm oil in Indonesia for export to the global market. So that Indonesia can produce palm oil without any problems.

The Definition and History of the Music

As a human being, music is very inseparable and closely linked to human culture as we might not expect it. Music has been one of the biggest cultures in each society, whether it is for entertainment, religious rituals, or even for military battles. Today, we might see music as something we love to listen to, a song that represents our emotions and can touch our feeling.

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However, the definition of music is more than that. The history of music is one of the most complex, and most present in many cultures and societies. Nearly every culture has its traditional music, and therefore the history, culture, and definition of music in itself is very broad.

Now we will discuss what is music? The complete definition of music, the history behind the music, and the role of music in the culture of many societies, this article today is brought to you by our Mp3 Juice music website.

What is the definition of music?

What makes a sound is considered music? How some sounds are considered music and why some other sounds like the sounds of a falling raindrop, waterfall, people shouting, or any other random sound in nature aren’t considered music?

Well, the very definition of music itself is an artwork of arranging certain sounds to fit in time with elements such as melody, rhythm, harmony, and timbre. Whenever sounds have been arranged to a certain rhythm, harmony, melody, and also timbre, then it can be considered as music. Music can also come from various sources, be its human vocal, or musical instruments.

General terms of music definition are also sounds that have included some common elements of sounds arrangement such as Pitch, rhythm, dynamics, and sonic qualities.

  • Pitch

Pitch commands melody and harmony in one music. It is a perceptual concept and property of sounds that allows it to be distinguished in an orderly fashion. It also makes it possible to judge sounds based on “Higher” or “Lower” sounds.

  • Rhythm

Rhythm is associated with tempo, meter, and also articulation. Rhythm is generally a movement, that is marked by regulated succession, and the continuation of strong, and also weak elements of sound. Songs follow a certain rhythm and tempo.

  • Dynamics

Loudness and Softness, are variations between the loudness and softness of notes, or phrases inside one music.

  • Sonic Qualities (Timbre and texture)

Timbre or tone color is the perceived sounds quality of certain musical notes, while the texture is how the tempo, melodic, and other harmonic materials are combined into one composition.

Music is one universal cultural aspect that is present in human societies, that’s why most of all human societies and culture has some cultural music background behind them.

So, what is the definition of music? In general, music is an art form that included an arrangement of sounds, combining certain aspects and elements such as rhythm, harmony, pitch, dynamics, and tones into one harmony of sounds. It is also seen as a cultural activity, that spread throughout cultures, civilization, races, and different genre of music. Info and music from the Mp3 Juice music website.

History of the music 

The presence of music has been seen from the prehistoric era to the present day. From the ice ages culture of Paleolithic to the modern era of EDM. It is also spread all across the globe from every civilization, race, and culture. From pacific Icelander, Chinese opera music, Classical era music, Mongolian throat singing, and many more.

Music has always played a great role in human societies, be it for religious activities, culture, education, entertainment, and many more.

The earliest known evidence of humans making music or at least musical instruments is around 40.000 BP, during the Upper Paleolithic era, with the evidence of bone flutes, and much other evidence of simple percussion and flutes instrument.

There are still hundreds if not thousands of different music varying from each culture, each genre, and each variation between one region. Music has always been a huge part of every aspect of life as a human being, from entertainment, expressing emotions, tools to spread religion or ideas, and even as a way to enhance battle spirits.

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When is The Best Time to Plant Trees?

We all know that trees are really important for humans, animals, and the whole world. They provide oxygen for breathing, store carbon, stabilize the soil, and also provide life to the world’s fauna as the largest plants on the earth. They also give us shelter materials and tools.

Furthermore, trees perform a variety of functions including reducing human pollution, balancing the carbon cycles and water, and also improving soil quality. When the soil quality is good, it will make it more suited for a greater range of animal and plant life.

Korindo, as one of the foundations concerned with tree problems, believes that we should take an action to fix this problem. Trees are not only necessary for existence, but they also serve as a link between the past, present, and future as the longest-living species on the planet.

Woodlands, rainforests, and trees in urban contexts such as parks must be protected and managed responsibly all over the world. Another thing we can do in our backyard plants the trees. This simple action will give a huge impact on the environment if everyone does the same.

The Importance of Trees for the Earth

While no one can deny the importance of our global forest inheritance, deforestation for a variety of reasons continues. That is why, here we and Korindo will bring you to know better the importance of trees for our future, our lives, and our beloved earth.

  1. Trees are good for our health

Tree canopies operate as trapping dust, absorbing pollutants, and physical filters. Every year, each tree eliminates up to 1.7 kg of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. They help reduce noise and provide shades from the sun which increases the freshness and coolness.

Medicinal qualities have been discovered in over 20 species of British trees and shrubs. Many more trees for different species have been found beneficial for human health, for instance, antiseptic properties can be found in birch bark oil. According to studies, being surrounded by green space and trees will lower blood pressure, reduce stress levels within minutes, and also slow the heart rate.

  1. Trees are the booster of wildlife

Trees become complex microhabitats for many creatures you might have never thought about before. When the trees are still young, they provide homes and food for a diverse range of birds, lichens, fungi, and also insects. Bats, tawny owls, woodpeckers, and also woodboring beetles rely on the hollow cover provided by their trunks when they are grown and old.

Can you believe that a single grown oak tree can support up to 500 distinct species? One common example of this is birds that most often raise their chicks in the tree nests and hide from predators that might danger the little chicks. Then, there are more species that depend on and hang on their lives a single tree.

  1. Trees can help clean the air

The rate of air pollution is increasing over the years and trees have had a huge impact to solve this problem. Trees assist to enhance air quality by removing hazardous pollutants from the atmosphere, preventing the treehouse effect, lowering outdoor temperatures, and also preventing global warming. That is why Korindo always supports planting trees to clean the air.

The Best Time of Year to Plant New Trees

When you already know the importance of trees, you need to take action to grow your trees. But now, the question is ‘when is the best time of year to plant new trees? Is it in summer, spring, fall, or even in winter?

If you plan to plant trees, it is a good idea to obtain as much information as possible about the best method to take during the planting procedure. One of the most important things to keep in mind is the best time to plant your trees.

Basically, the best time of year to plant a tree is when we have consistent rain. As a result, both spring and fall are favorable periods to plant because there will be consistent rainfall throughout these seasons. Some plants perform better when planted in the spring, but some other certain plants are better suited to planting in the fall.

According to Korindo, Spring is the best time to plant trees that take a long time to grow such as American hornbeam, magnolias, tulip tree, willows, bald cypress, ginkgo, and others. Besides, Catalpa, Hackberry, Honey Locust, Sycamore, Pines, Alder, and other trees are the best to plant in the fall season.

Four Easy Ways Cleaning Aquarium Decorations

Watching the beautiful motions of your fish moving during your free time is calming and somehow relaxing. On the other side, having fish in your beautiful aquarium means that you must be ready to clean it regularly.

Green dust algae will grow if you do not clean your aquarium regularly and it might damage the ecosystem in your aquarium. The growth of green algae also must be controlled because it is beneficial for your fish.

Easy Steps to Clean Aquarium Decorations

When you finally get to keep your lovely fish in the aquarium, the feeling is wonderful. However, if the decorations begin to seem dirty, that is not a good sign. Your aquarium will be full of green dust algae and it can make your aquarium looks dirty.

At this point, you need some detailed instructions to get your aquarium back to looking as spotless and beautiful as before. Here are easy steps for you to clean your aquarium decorations.

  1. Remove the decorations and move the plants to the other side

Never clean your decorations at the same time because it can be the best place for beneficial microorganisms to keep your fish healthy. Removing them at once will make your aquarium balance’s off. Removing them all at one time will also stress your fish so make sure to do it gently.

If you have living plants in your aquarium, move them to the corner so that you can clean the tank freely. You can also change the old plants with the new ones. Living plants are very beneficial for your fish and aquarium ecosystem.

  1. Vacuum the gravel starting from the bottom

The most common decoration in the fish tank is gravel which can be covered by algae over time. Use gravel vacuum when you want to freshen it up. Do not forget to replace the water with dechlorinated water once you finish cleaning the decorations.

  1. Clean the decorations

The first step to clean aquarium decoration is by boiling it in the hot water. Do not add anything such as chlorine or soap into the hot water. Let them boil for around 20 minutes to make sure that all the bacteria and algae are killed.

Then, scrub the decorations using a toothbrush to make it easier for you while removing the dirt and algae from the decorations. Next, prepare a bleach solution to soak all the decorations. After 5 minutes, take them all and rinse them cleanly.

  1. Put the decorations back into the tank

Before putting all of your decorations back into the tank, make sure you clean them once again using dechlorinated tap water. The water must be fresh in the clean bucket, and you can also use warm water.

Soak the decorations once again in the dechlorinated water for 20 minutes to make sure that all of the chlorine and bleach are cleaned. When the decorations still contain chlorine or soap, it will affect the growth of green dust algae and the tank’s ecosystem. Once it is finished, you can put them back in the tank. Do not forget to place the living plants back in their place.