Serious But Common Job Seeker Dilemmas in the Modern Era

Facing a choice is something that we have in common and that must be experienced by everyone. Job seekers often find themselves in dilemmas and situations in a variety of conditions. For a job seeker, here are some things that you should know first. Because several choices must be made when you want to enter the world of work.

Job Seeker Dilemmas in Modern World

Well, there are a few serious but common job seeker dilemmas that we will talk about today. If you are a job seeker, you must know about this kind of thing, because it will make it easier to find the job that fits your criteria. There will be some serious but common job seeker dilemmas that you must understand and it will help you in the future when you apply for a new job.

And here are some of the dilemmas that commonly happen with job seekers out there. Here are a few dilemmas that might you also experienced. Knowing this information will help you to avoid making any mistakes and it will help you get the job that you want.

  1. Apply to All Jobs VS Focus on Only one Field

For a job hunter, there is a dilemma that you must overcome, like sending CVs to many companies with various positions or only applying in certain fields and only a few companies that meet the criteria.

Usually, sending CVs to many places and various positions is often happens by the fresh graduates, in the hope that someone will be interested and will give them a response. Meanwhile, focusing on applying for only one field is more likely to be done by workers who already have previous experience.

  1. Too Much Talking During the Interviews VS More Likely to Listen

There are two things you can choose when you conduct an interview. First, talk a lot about your experience, and your abilities to the user or even prefer to listen and talk a lot when asked only or when needed.

It’s a good idea to try to be more inclined to listen and not talk much unless you are asked to. Because, by listening to a lot you will be considered to have more ethics, responsibility, and the ability to lead a team.

  1. Utilizing a Relationships VS Independent Learning

This is another choice that job seekers have to make. Take advantage of relationships or learn independently? Of course, this is a choice that has more to do with principles in life.

Some people prefer to study independently and find work without relying on relationships. Maybe you are one of those people who prefer interviews here and there without relying on connections.

Even so, it’s perfectly legal to take advantage of relationships in finding work. Because you will find it easier to get a job with the relationships you have in a company. But remember, show with ability that you are indeed worthy to be hired.

  1. Explain About Work Responsibilities VS Demonstrate a Variety of Skills

Other choices job seekers have to make are explaining job responsibilities or demonstrating and sharing skills. This is one of the choices that are often made when facing an interview session or job interview.

You can say according to the needs and what field of work you are applying for. For example, such as the graphic design profession and so on, of course, it is a fixed price to show various skills, right?

Those are four job seeker dilemmas that often happen during the interview session. If you want to get the job, you must understand everything very clearly and not make mistakes. Knowing about this could be possibly a perfect help for you to avoid anything that will lead you to lose the job.

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